Photo Prints

Our Glossy or Matte Photo Prints are printed on our Premium Canon photo paper, it was developed for photographers with a discerning eye who demands maximum color gamut and image resolution. Glossy or Matte Photo Papers offer a smooth traditional look for your images. All photo prints come unframed and depends on the size can be shipped flat or rolled.
  • Glossy Photo Paper

    The gloss paper coating enhances the look of photos, especially when there is a strong use of color.

    High gloss photo printing results in a smooth surface with a highly reflective shine.The glossy paper gives images a higher contrast level as highlights ‘pop’
    and blacks are strong due to the reflective surface of the paper.

    You should choose a high gloss finish if you’re printing a photo with a lot of dominant colors. Glossy photographic papers enhance the vibrancy of colors and add an excellent level of contrast to the photo’s look.

  • Matte Photo Paper

    Matte paper is the exact same material as that used with glossy
    prints. However, where a glossy print has an extra layer of coating to give it a shine, matte prints have fewer clear gloss coatings.

    While the matte paper doesn’t have the same luxurious gloss appearance, it
    does have some reflective qualities or a semi-gloss finish.

    Matte paper delivers a flatter and more classic photo look with a lower level of contrast. As a result, matte photos tend to show up textures in the
    paper – the uneven surface is a very appealing look.

    If you want to frame your photos behind glass, photos printed on matte papers work best.